Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast / Brunch

Includes staffing and china, silverware and glass ware

For starters Yogurt Parfait Bar with assorted granola and berries

Scrambled Eggs with toppings ( cheese, green chilies, Tabasco)

Sausage Links ~ Bacon~  Yummy Baked French Toast Casserole with warm maple syrup~ Roasted Potatoes

$23.00 per person

Delicious  Egg Casserole with meat and/or veggies

Roasted Potatoes ~ Baked French Toast Casserole

$20.00 per person

Egg Enchilada Casserole with (cheese veggies and sausage)

Roasted potatoes~ Baked French Toast Casserole

$18.00 per person

All menus include coffee, ice tea, water and lemonade add OJ for $.50 per person

Additional sides

Sausage Links $1.25 per person

Bacon $1.50 per person

Assorted Muffins $1.00 per person 

Mini Donuts and sweet rolls $1.00 per person

Fruit Bowl $1.50 per person

Hot cocoa bar $1.00 per person


Starters chips and assorted salsa 

Vegetable tray or fruit tray and Artichoke dip with bread pita


Tuna and cranberry Chicken salad on Croissants 

Chips and salad 


Assorted meat sandwiches on French bread with dill sauce


BBQ chicken or Brisket or Chili on a Baked Potato with  Tossed salad

includes Staffing~ coffee, ice tea and lemonade~all china and glassware 

$22.00 per person